03 May 2023



Dr Katarina Kos

(Exeter, UK)

Dr Katarina Kos has a key interest in the field of Type 2 diabetes and its link with obesity and its complications. She is passionate about prevention of diabetes and obesity and collaborates with many teams across disciplines in studies surrounding healthy lifestyle in obesogenic and adverse environments.

She also leads the adipose tissue biology group at the University of Exeter with a special interest in adipose tissue physiology and obesity-related disorders.

Kataria's was more recent interview by the BBC World Service in 'The Forum', a discussion programme, which brings together prominent thinkers from different disciplines with the aim of creating stimulating discussion informed by highly distinct academic, artistic, and cultural perspectives. This prompted a blog with the title: THE BIRTHDAY CAKE DILEMMA in which she reflects on psychological and cultural factors which drive our eating behaviour and the 'emotional crutch' food provides to many.