03 May 2023


Dr Gavin Bewick

(London, UK)

Dr Gavin Bewick is a Reader in Endocrinology and Metabolism at Kings College London, his research interests are focused on the field of Obesity and Diabetes. He has a well-established reputation, built over the last 20 years, in studying the regulation of metabolism with an interest in gut hormones. His research has made important contributions to our understanding of the neuroendocrine and enteroendocrine control of appetite, body weight and islet function. He began his research career at Imperial College London in the department of Metabolic Medicine where he stayed as a key member for 14 years before joining the Diabetes department at Kings College London in 2014, where he founded the Gut and Metabolic Health group.

A key current research interest of the Bewick lab is the role of the gut epithelium in the control of metabolism and the pathophysiology of diabetes and obesity. The lab is exploring the roles of diet, the microbiome and immune signalling in shaping the gut epithelium in health and disease. To do this the Bewick lab uses both pre-clinical and translational approaches encompassing methods ranging from organoid culture to single-cell transcriptomics to physiological studies.